The Three minute Stripe setup

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    PemBer 1.4 presents full stripe API support. Here's how you can set it up.

    Step 1: Open your Stripe Dashboard

    Step 2: Grab your Stripe API Keys from Stripe Dashboard and copy them.


    Step 3: Save your API keys in PemBer Options
    <yoursite admin url>/admin.php?pember/stripe


    Make sure you uncheck "Stripe Test Mode", if you are deploying live.

    Step 4: Add Webhook URL in Stripe Dashboard.

    As you probably guessed from the big red font, this step is extremely important!

    Goto, click on Add endpoint.

    Enter <>/stripe_callback.php


    Select correct Mode and keep the "Send me all events" radio ticked.

    Click Create endpoint, then Done.


    That's ALL Folks! Did it take more than 3 mins? :)
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    Nope! :D
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