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    If you only want to use one country, you don't need to use VATLayer or the Auto EU Vat option.

    First just define one country, Germany.


    Next, Click Taxes-> Taxes -> Add Tax


    Now allow this new "Sales Tax" to be used in your product. So go to your product edit screen, click on Additional Options and scroll to the bottom,


    Now your product (Gold Member Annual, in the above example) will have the Sales Tax 19% applicable to it only for people in Germany.

    But the user buying the product will still have to select "Germany" from the country list when buying it. The next version of PemBer will have the feature to AUTO SELECT your chosen country by default.

    But before the new version is out, you can do a little customization.

    First,open the attached file countries2.js

    In it find the line,

    $('#countrylist').append($('<option>').text("Germany").attr('value', 'DE'));
    This is set for Germany. If you want any other country to be default, change the name "Germany" and the 2 letter ISO code "DE". If you want Germany to be default leave it as it is.

    Second, upload the attached file countries2.js to js/pember/ folder on your site.

    Once the file is uploaded we now have to modify two templates in your currently active style,


    In both these templates, find the line

    <xen:require js="js/pember/countries.js" />
    And replace it with the line,

    <xen:require js="js/pember/countries2.js" />

    If you did the above correctly, now when someone goes to buy your product, they will have the country auto selected and the correct tax applied.

    Next version of pember will have a new feature where you can specify the default country so the above template edits will no longer be needed.

    Hope this helps,

    - Sadik

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