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  1. k30ps

    k30ps Guest


    I'm interested in buying this addon but first i have some questions if someone can help me with.
    1. Is it possible to have free membership registration and also paid membership using pember addon?
    2. Is it possible to differentiate between those 2 membership groups in forum threads? (i mean that only paid members can see and reply to a specific thread open by a paid member also in a special dedicated section)

    Thank you.
  2. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Hi @k30ps

    Thanks for your interest.


    Yes of course. With PemBer you can enable / disable Free Registration. For example on this site you have signed up for free. You could have also signed up by buying a PemBer license.



    Yes again! This is actually a standard feature of XenForo. So before you setup a PemBer product, you will define a "Premium" usergroup.

    Now when you define the PemBer membership product, you select this Premium usergroup which gets added to the member on purchase. See below pic.


    So in my case, the new usergroup is called "PemBer" and when a user buys the above product he gets the "PemBer" usergroup.

    Now in your xenforo nodes, you can define which usergroup is allowed to access which nodes. Basically you remove the "view" permission from the "Registered" (free) usergroup and give the view permission to your premium usergroup for the special node.

    Hope this answered your questions!

    - Sadik
  3. Sam F

    Sam F New Member

    Hi I have a Question regarding FREE access Registration and Paid Access Registration Members.

    I did not see the selection for free?

    right now in my Node Tree I have
    Unregistered / Unconfirmed
    Revoked for certain forums, but an addon gives the access after they make five posts.


    and for Registered inherit


    Now for your main category


    What would I do for
    free access
    paid access

    so paid and free access members can see all the same forums?


    Also what would happen to all my existing members?

    Advice would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    If I understand you right, you want that people should have the option of signing up as a paid member along with the current option of signing up as a free member. And then you want that both the free and paid members should have the same permissions.

    So PemBer introduces a new sales page (For example here, from where visitors can pay and sign up. Your free registration page continues to work as normal (Here,

    For your permission needs you have to create a new usergroup which members get when they buy the paid membership product. So let's say user Alex buys your membership "Premium Member". In the backend you define a new usergroup called "Premium Member". Now Alex gets the "Premium Member" usergroup.

    This Premium Member usergroup must have the same permission sets as your Registered usergroup for each of the node that you have customized the permission for. Essentially you have to create a new usergroup which has ALL the same permissions as "Registered" but has a different name and which paying users will get. So this way both Paying members and Free Registered members can see the same things as you want.

    And the addon you use (permission to registered usergroup after 5 posts) has to be setup for the Premium Usergroup also.
  5. Sam F

    Sam F New Member

    I was hoping that the signup could look something like this

    signup 3.jpg

    and for FREE membership this could be set to ZERO


    And you can select two boxes
    like FREE and REGISTERED

    Then free members would have access to the registered forums

    signup 2.jpg

    NOW for the Paid Members
    if they choose the gold and pay to signup

    if I select the two boxes below
    Gold and Registered
    the paid members would have access to the registered forums


    Could something this is done?
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  6. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    1> Out of the box, the system does not allow a free product. But you could do what you want by editing the template pember_product_list. Essentially you would have to write html for a new FREE product block which links to the /register page.

    2> You don't need to create FREE usergroup. Registered usergroup should remain free, Gold Member should be added to paid products.

  7. Sam F

    Sam F New Member

    Is this a feature that you could add?

    Sorry, I'm asking questions because I'm not sure on how I can take my existing free forum, and now give the options of having existing members renew as paying members with a box like below.

    plus I'm not sure how I would set up a signup page with the "Paid" - "Renew" - and "Free" signup boxes like below?

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  8. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Hey Sam, It doesn't really need a feature. All you have to do is add a new div with some phrase in it. So yeah a little custom html. I usually charge for customizations but if this is the ONLY thing you want, (adding the Free Box to the right on the sales page), I could throw that in. I would need admin access to the forum and debug mode turned on. It will be a Template Mod which I will create for you and will work with upgrades.

    No need for sorry, questions are always good... :)

    PemBer makes the other boxes once you define the products in Admin (as you can see in my dev forum). The FREE box will have to be a customization. Your existing free members don't "renew". They will have the option of buying Paid Membership from the membership page if you buy and setup PemBer.

    Best Regards
    - Sadik
  9. Sam F

    Sam F New Member

    Hi Sadik

    Are you the programmer? or product representative? admin? etc?

    I tried looking for the html in your admin section here

    Not sure if that is it?
    if it is not in the addon, how will I be able to change the settings ? like for redirection page after free signup , join and renew, etc.

    Sounds like it wold be easier for the developer to make it core.

    Sounds like it wold be easier for the developer to make it core. Wouldn't it just be easier to make it so you can select (0) FREE. Seems to me that many forums are FREE and this would open you up to a new customer base. your addon would then be able to register new FREE members and upgrade then later. Maybe even Free (number of days) Trial Members, Plus send out reminders like with the paid members, reminding the FREE members that they can or should upgrade etc. (maybe their free trial is ending) etc.


  10. Sam F

    Sam F New Member

    I was tossing things around like this

    Member Options
    1. Free to get your feet wet
    2. Free with Member participation
    3. One year Annual Member dues
    4. One Year Renew dues
    Membership Addon 1.jpg
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  11. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Hi Sam,

    I am the product developer and owner.

    The reason PemBer doesn't offer a Free product is because members can always register for free in xenforo. You could simply have two links in the Navbar, Paid Membership, Free Signup, one linking to PemBer Sales Page, another to XenForo Register.

    But yes I appreciate what you are saying and your suggestion is duly noted. I am working on a new version of PemBer with a tentative release date in April where I will introduce the option of having Free signup from within the PemBer sales page.
  12. Sam F

    Sam F New Member

    Hi Sadik

    Thanks for giving it some thought, and for your openness to feature suggestions.

    OK, Cool

    I'm glad you see how this could be beneficial for forums to have a free and free trial, so people could give your forum a test run. It will also give the forum the ability to keep track of there free members as well as paid. it will probably help with the up-sale converting free to paid, when your addon sends a (time based) renewal reminder to the free members, informing them of the benefits of becoming a paid member.

    These are my suggestions below:

    1) Free 30 day trial
    I think this could have it so the Admin can change the 30 days to any number of days of trial.

    2) Free one year
    I think admins should be able to change what it says in the text box and button

    3) One year Annual Member

    I think admins should be able to change what it says in the text box and button
    for instance "One year Annual Member dues" if the forum is a club

    4) One Year Membership Renew
    I think admins should be able to change what it says in the text box and button
    for instance "One year Renew dues" if the forum is a club

    Also if you have the ability, add restricted forums feature so an admin can restrict free members from any forums they choose. give an option of letting free members into the restricted forums if they meet the requirements (number of posts) in a (number of days) period. ie, 5 posts every 30 days etc. if a member meets the requirements they get in, if a member falls below the requirements, they should get locked out of the restricted forums and get a message stating that this forum requires a (number of posts in a 30 day period) Note: if they bring up there post count again, they automatically gain access again.

    Sadik I hope this helps, I would be willing to help you with suggestions, if you want more feedback.

    I will PM you my forum, and we can take it from there.

    Olympic medal order:
    1. Bronze
    2. Silver
    3. Gold Member
    4. Gold Supporter
    Membership Addon 1.jpg
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  13. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Hi Sam,

    Most of what you say is already possible. Free Trial isn't possible simply because you can't take paypal authorization and not charge. There's other ways to do free trial though. And the way to keep track of free / paid members is through usergroups, which is xenforo standard.

    Thanks for your suggestions, I will keep them in mind for next version.
  14. Sam F

    Sam F New Member

    for the free, it does not have to go through paypal, just have your addon keep track of the signups?

    how can you incorporate into your addon?

    both are just my thoughts of what would be nice, it would be up to your knowledge to implement them, if at all possible. always good to get a fresh prospective on customers needs etc.

    I'm still interested, but I am an end user, and do not program, so I rely in what I can purchase.

  15. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    I understand. To accomplish fully what you need would need some template edits for now (without the trial). I am considering your suggestions but it will be a while before a new version comes out.

  16. Sam F

    Sam F New Member

    I understand,

    You have a great addon, I'm just throwing some of my thoughts your way. Hoping that they will help you make your addon better.

    Maybe this would work?

    Membership Addon 2.jpg
  17. Sam F

    Sam F New Member

    have you given this and further thought yet?

  18. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Yes. An implementation of Trial is planned in next version.
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  19. Sam F

    Sam F New Member

    OK, Cool I was just checking to see if I should wait or not. was looking at others, but kind of like yours. any idea of when you will be tackling it?

    Try to include where you can add the medals like in my pics

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  20. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    I cannot give you an estimate. Would be late March possibly. There will be NO medals system. PemBer is not a rewards system. And it will most certainly look nothing like your screenshots.

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