PemBer 1.5.3 Released

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    I am happy to announce the release of PemBer 1.5.3

    PemBer 1.5.3 fixes a few bugs brought to my notice through support requests and adds one new phrase.

    Changes Made:

    1. On issuing a Refund in Paypal, under certain circumstances, the user upgrade was not cancelled automatically. This is now fixed.
    2. The stripe WebHook receiver would cause a server error when a request was invalid. Fixed it to echo an error message instead.
    3. Fixed bug where "Membership Details" page would cause an error if a Stripe recurring subscription was cancelled but not expired.
    4. Fixed "Unknown Upgrade" being logged in Transaction log due to a repeat IPN.
    5. Changed the message shown to user in case of 10486 funding issue with Paypal. Earlier this was logged as a server error. Now a clear message will be shown to user with the phrase pb_paypal_10486.
    You can download PemBer 1.5.3 from the PemBer Releases forum.

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