PemBer 1.3.1 Stable Released

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    Hello All

    Today I am releasing the next stable version of PemBer.

    PemBer 1.3.1
    fixes one bug found since the last version was released and introduces three new features.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed bug where disabled products wouldn't show up in Admin CP.
    New Features:

    A problem which surfaced on several PemBer customer sites was Registration abandonment after payment. What would happen is that a user browsing as guest would purchase a product and then be redirected to the registration page after payment.

    However, sometime this person would already have an account so would get confused by the registration form and not complete the process. Sometimes someone would get distracted by kids! (true story! :)).

    PemBer sends an email after payment to the paypal email address with the link to resume registration in case someone abandoned registration. But often people would have a different paypal email which they wouldn't check for email.

    To take care of all of this, PemBer 1.3.1 introduces two new things:

    Option on the Register page after payment to login or Register



    New "Fix Unapplied" feature in Admin CP


    The above screen shows you unapplied payments (if any) and lets you associate the payment with a user account upgrading that user.

    This is useful when dealing with non tech savvy users who may have purchased but did not finish the register form. An admin could simply create a user account and associate the payment.

    Special thanks to @click here and @arn for the suggestion for this feature.

    Products Page now shows the Direct payment link


    Often site owners are using wordpress for their sales pages. You can now just copy the direct payment link from the product page (after saving the product) to put on your sales pages.

    That's all for now! ~~ More to come soon :)
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    Awesome! :D

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