PemBer 1.5.1 Released

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    I am very happy to announce the release of PemBer 1.5.1.

    PemBer 1.5.1 brings in two new features and makes some improvements and fixes one known Bug. The below are the details.

    New Features

    - Multiple Paypal Addresses

    This allows you to accept payments in multiple Paypal addresses at the Product Level. Meaning you can have one subscription payment go in one paypal and another subscription go into another paypal.

    Important: You will have to add IPN Url for each of the Paypal Address you use with PemBer.

    - BBCode to display your Product Anywhere

    This lets you show your products for purchase using BBCode. So anywhere with the XenForo editor you can now show your product in a nice table layout.


    Paypal Receipts now show the forum username. One of the problems with tracking payments to forum users was that when a new payment was made, the receipt you got from paypal did not have the forum username. Now it's appended to the Product title to allow you to better track the buyer.

    Bug Fix

    CC Form issue with certain Android Devices. This is now fixed.

    PemBer 1.5.1 can be downloaded from the PemBer Releases forum for customers who have a valid licence.

    - Sadik
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