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    PemBer 1.5.1 adds the new feature of Multiple Paypal Addresses.

    Once you upgrade to Paypal 1.5.1, you will see a new screen when you go to,
    Admin -> PemBer -> PemBer Options -> Paypal


    As you can see, this screen now allows you to add as many Paypal Email addresses as you wish.

    You can enable / disable a Paypal address by ticking / unticking the checkbox to the right. When you have multiple Paypal Addresses defined you can click on the radio button to the right to select which one is the default.

    If you click on "Add Paypal", you will see the below screen.

    Label can be anything you wish to identify this Paypal address.
    Paypal Email is the paypal email address.
    Paypal API Username, Password and Signature are the API details which you have to fetch from your Paypal account. Refer this thread for more details on these.

    If this Paypal Account is Live, tick the Paypal Mode Live tickbox. If this is a paypal sandbox email, leave it unticked.

    Once, you save the above details, when you go to the Products screen you now have the option of selecting a different Paypal address for any product as shown below:


    If you don't want to select a different Paypal address, just leave the "Use Different Paypal Address" Unticked!

    Important: You will have to add IPN Url for each of the Paypal Address you use with PemBer.

    So there you have it. Now you can accept Paypal Payments in multiple Paypal Addresses with PemBer!
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