How to Install and configure PemBer

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    The following are the steps you have to perform to install and configure PemBer
    • Install PemBer as a XenForo addon and configure Options.
    This step is just like any other XenForo Addon. You upload the files in the upload folder and install the addon by importing the XML file..

    Once installed you have to go to PemBer options and set the options. The PemBer options can be found in Admin -> PemBer -> Options
    • Get Paypal API Access Details
    Here, you have to get the Paypal Access details and enter them into the PemBer Paypal Options. This thread show you how you can do that step by step with screenshots.​
    • Configure Paypal IPN settings
    Here, you have to set the paypal IPN URL in your paypal account. This thread shows you how can do that step by step with screenshots.
    • Optionally, Configure Stripe setting.

      If you also want to enable credit card purchase through Stripe, configure Stripe settings. This 3 minute stripe setup tutorial shows you how.

    Please note that even if you were using the XenForo User Upgrades before and had set this before, your old XenForo user upgrade recurring subscriptions will continue to work even after you do this.

    That's ALL Folks!​
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