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    Hello All,

    I am extremely pleased to release the next version of PemBer.

    PemBer 1.3.0
    contains bug fixes for all the bugs reported by customers and includes one hugely requested new feature: Gift Membership

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed Bug where certain email clients were not displaying links correctly.
    • Fixed Bug where guests could view disabled products on Sales Page
    • Fixed "Viewing Unknown Page" bug when members were browsing the Sales Page
    • Fixed bug where permanent products did not cancel out previous subscriptions.
    New Feature: Gift Membership

    Gift Membership allows your members to buy membership for other members of your forum. In keeping with my focus on simplicity, your members can gift membership to another by visiting this link


    So for example on this site, if you wanted to gift a membership to me, you can simply go to

    Here, the gifter will be able to select which membership type he wants to gift and can continue to paypal.

    So if a member wanted that some one gifted them a membership, they could simply link them to the above page!

    Gifting can also be done anonymously, by buying gift membership as a guest.

    Additionally, gifting link is available from a member's profile page.


    Gifting Privacy

    Gifting also has privacy control. So if some of your members want to control who can send them gift memberships, they can simply change it in their privacy settings.

    Gift Email

    When someone receives a gift membership, he is emailed about it!


    That's all folks, (for now!)

    Thanks for being amazing PemBer supporters, and cheers to growing everyone's paid communities! :)

    ~ Sadik

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