PemBer 1.2.4 Released

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sadik, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Sadik

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    PemBer 1.2.4 provides one very important code refactoring which enables you to use PemBer with almost any other addon which is also extending the xenforo user upgrades system.

    So with this upgrade, if you were using for instance user upgrades by waindigo, your old upgrades will continue to work as well as the new products you define in PemBer will work.

    Additionally, due to requests of a few members, PemBer 1.2.4 introduces some new features for the invite system.

    Different Affiliate Commission for Different Usergroups

    Now you can define a different commission for different usergroups for the same product. This will override what you have defined at the product level allowing you to provide for more or less commission to some of your users versus others.

    Disable or Delete Commissions for individual signups

    Now you can drill down to each of the invite which gets sent, see the message that was sent, which upgrade / product the user bought etc. Additionally, if for some reason you wanted to invalidate a particular commission you could simply disable it or delete the commission.

    Disabling means that amount will no longer be added to the amount to be paid but you can re-enable at a later time if you so decide.

    Deleting means the commission amount for that particular invite will be set to 0 and can not be added later.

    XenForo 1.5 Compatibility

    This release has been tested and working on the latest XenForo 1.5 Release Candidate 1.

    The package can be downloaded from the Releases forum for licensed buyers.
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  2. Regs

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    Excellent release @Sadik !

    On the different commissions for different usergroups, what happens if a user belongs to 2 additional usergroups with overriding commissions? Is there a precedence of some sort?

    For example, I have some moderators who are also paid supporters and I'd like to offer non-paid moderators a slight incentive without them needing to pay.

    Thanks again for the great product!


  3. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    The highest commission will be selected. So for example if UG1 has 10% commission for Product P1, and UG2 has 15% commission for Product P1 as well. Now if a user belongs to both UG1 and UG2, then when someone registers with his affiliate link, the commission credited will be 15%.
  4. Regs

    Regs Member PemBer Owner

    Perfect... I think :)

    Is the system smart enough to determine the highest payout if one usergroup gets a % and another gets a $ flat-fee amount?


  5. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Ah... that is a good catch. No it won't differentiate and would in fact select the highest number. So right now between 20USD and 15%, 20 USD will be selected.

    I will have this fixed shortly.
  6. Regs

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    That actually works out for my use case - no rush here for a fix but this addon is really shaping up nicely!
  7. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Indeed. I have some good ideas for 1.3, some of which I have shared.
  8. RSI

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    Hi, where do I download this add-on ?????????????????????
  9. Sadik

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  10. RSI

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    Thanks, what I had to do was log off then log back on again to see it.
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