How to Make a Members Only Pay to Access Forum

Discussion in 'Features and Development Updates' started by Sadik, Apr 24, 2015.

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    This post will show you how in two clicks you can make your XenForo forum a pay to access site with PemBer.

    Step 1: Disable Free Registration.
    1. Go to Admin -> PemBer -> Options
    2. UnCheck the option "Allow Free Registration"

    Step 2: Disable Guests View Permission
    1. Go to Admn -> Users -> User Group Permissions
    2. Click on the "Unregistered / Unconfirmed" Usergroup
    3. Select Not Set (No) beside the General Permissions -> View and click Update button

    That's it! Now your Forum is a members only pay to access forum.

    PemBer allows guests to purchase your products / upgrades even when guests don't have view permission. Guests can now go to the <your-forum-url>/pember/membership-new page and purchase after which they will be redirected to the Registration page.

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