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    I am extremely happy (and totally drained!) to announce that PemBer 1.5.0 is finally available for all PemBer license holders. PemBer 1.5.0 brings the all new, first of it's kind TAX support to XenForo.

    PemBer 1.5.0 can AUTO calculate EU Vat for your products and auto apply them upon purchase. It does so based on the visitor's selection of country. More details ahead...

    New Features

    Taxes Support including AUTO apply EU VAT.

    PemBer 1.5 allows you to define countries and create country specific taxes and then apply the tax to your product. Also with integration with the VATLayer API, you can have AUTO EU Vat support. Once you provide your VATLayer API Key, PemBer automatically updates the vat rates for all EU countries twice a week with a cron.

    Read How to Configure Auto EU VAT.

    Invoices for each Payment

    Your members can now see all their payment invoices on the Purchase details page. The below invoice is accessible from the Membership->Purchase Details page. Every payment, whether one time or recurring has a corresponding invoice.


    Streamlined Pay to Register

    One of the most frequent issues PemBer admins faced was when users did not complete their registration form after making payment with Paypal.

    Hence with PemBer 1.5.0, the Registration Process has been streamlined. When someone clicks on Buy Now, he will be sent to the Registration page where both the Stripe (if enabled) and Paypal payment option will be available.


    This simplified Registration process means that user's cannot abandon the registration form and complete the process.

    More Control on Gifting Membership

    It was requested that there be more control on which products can be gifted and which not. This has been implemented through a flag when you edit a product.


    Bug Fixes

    Additionally all known bugs have been fixed.

    I hope you enjoy this release and it helps you sell even more from your XenForo Forums!

    - Sadik

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  2. Sadik

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    It has come to my attention that under certain conditions there can be a bug which prevents the sign up page from loading and instead the "Buy Now" redirects back to the sales page.

    If you have that issue on PemBer 1.5.0, please upload the below file to \library\PemBer\ControllerPublic overwriting the existing file.

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    thanks for update.
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    Another issue, after installation and when someone clicks on the Paypal button it comes up with the error, Stripe is not enabled. Well yes, I have Stripe unchecked and disabled simply because I don't want it so how to get around that issue?
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    Thanks for reporting this.

    There is a bug when Stripe is not enabled and a logged in member tries to buy a product from paypal, it can throw the error that "Stripe is not enabled". For anyone having this error, please replace the \library\PemBer\ControllerPublic\Product.php file with the one attached here.

    Original PemBer 1.5.0 package has been patched.

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