How to Configure Auto EU VAT

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    With PemBer 1.5 you can now auto apply vat to all your buyer's purchases. This is possible with integration with the VATLayer API.

    Vatlayer provides Free API access to fetch the vat rates for the different EU countries so you do not have to manually update each and every EU country's vat rate. All you need to do is sign up for a free account with Vatlayer and grab their API Key.


    Once you have the VATlayer API Key, go to Admin->PemBer->PemBer Options->Options and enter the API Key in the setting,


    Next, you need to rebuild the tax country cache. Go to Admin->Tools->Rebuild Caches and scroll down to the bottom. There you will see this,


    Click on Rebuild Now and it will create the countries and EU-Vat (Auto) Tax.

    Now for the product for which you want the tax to apply, go to Admin->PemBer->List Products and click on the product name. Click on the Additional tab and there at the bottom select the tax to apply it,


    That's ALL!

    Now when someone buys this product, whether through Paypal or Stripe the Auto EU Vat tax will apply.


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