PemBer 1.2.3 Released

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    PemBer 1.2.3 is a maintenance fix release. Going by the standard release methodology this releases focuses on more stability while at the same time introduces one important new feature.

    Two important bugs discovered since the release of version 1.2.0 have been fixed.

    These were:
    • Error with non USD currency in Paypal's DoExpressCheckout
    • server error log reporting missing column in PemBer Invites Table
    Additionally One important new feature has been added.

    One of the biggest problems sites selling subscriptions, paid memberships face is what to do when members buy a higher plan. Some resort to pro-rated refunds, which are a pain, some resort to manually extending end date of new plan (causing paypal syncing issues) while many just do nothing and wait for member complains.

    PemBer addresses this problem by:
    1. Automatically calculate and add the remaining number of days of a member's plan to his new plan
    2. Downgrade the old upgrade in XenForo
    3. Cancel the the old recurring subscription in Paypal (if it was a recurring plan)
    This gives you complete independence from prorated refund issues and adjusting the balance days.

    This is implemented from the Products definition page where you specify which products are disabled upon purchase. There is now a new option where you can decide whether to automatically add days and cancel paypal subscription of the disabled products.


    PemBer 1.2.3 can be downloaded from the releases forum by customers.
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    Awesome additional feature, thanks @Sadik !
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