Update on PemBer 2.0 For XenForo 2.0

Discussion in 'Features and Development Updates' started by Sadik, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Hello All,

    The good news is that PemBer 2.0 for XenForo 2.0 is coming along nicely. Here's a screenshot.


    Development Updates:

    The following are development updates in no particular order.

    Removal of the Affiliates System.

    The entire Invites and Affiliates system has been removed from PemBer. Earlier in 2017 I did a survey of all PemBer clients asking how many use the Affiliates system. Shockingly out of about all the responses only two clients reported that they have enabled the affiliates system and both of them said that members are not using it. As such for PemBer 2.0, the affiliates system has been removed. IF there is demand for it, I may create a separate addon for Affiliates system. But as of now, there are no plans for it. If you extensively use the Affiliates system, please let me know in a separate conversation. I would like to see your use case.

    PemBer no longer needs you to set Paypal IPN url.

    This is the Big one. The biggest issue with Paypal in the past has been payments not syncing. This happened because either people entered wrong url in their Paypal IPN settings or for some reason there was communication issues between paypal's server and yours. To get rid of all of these, the entire requirement of setting up Paypal IPN has been done away with along with Stripe Webhooks.

    PemBer now has a cron task to retrieve next payment for all recurring payments, both for Paypal and for Stripe. So no need to set up your IPN in Paypal or Webhook in Stripe. PemBer does everything automatically for you.

    Free / Trial Products on Sales Page

    You can now create a Free / Trial product along with your paid products to show up on your sales page. With the Free product, you can force your members to purchase a paid product at the end of the free trial period. More on this later. I will publish another thread demonstrating how to do this later.

    Setup Custom Currencies

    You can now also create custom currencies to take payments in any currency of your choice. The currency of course has to be enabled by your payment provider (Paypal or Stripe).

    Updating Existing Features for XF 2.0

    Additionally all other PemBer 1.5 features are being ported over, like
    - Guest Payments
    - Sales Page
    - Gifting
    - Resource Manager Integration
    - Taxes
    - Product BBCode
    - Email Reminders
    - Conversations on Purchase
    - Invoices

    I am diligently working on the new version and hope to release it as soon as it's ready for production deployment. As of now, still coding is to be done and many many test cases to cover. I will have another update soon when I am nearing release...

  2. Dan619

    Dan619 New Member

    Wow! Looks so cool! Do you need any people to test it? If so, I’ll gladly help you out :)
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  3. panghao

    panghao New Member PemBer Owner

    Hope Pember 2.0 will come out this week.:rolleyes:
  4. DavickPro

    DavickPro New Member

    Really??? Cool :)
  5. Dan619

    Dan619 New Member

    Any updates? I really need this!
  6. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Hi Dan, thanks for your purchase. I am a bit cautious giving out exact dates. I missed on two deadlines already. The product is being worked on daily and there are only a handful of pending functionality left to be written. So it won't be very long. If I may stick my neck out again.... I would say definitely this month.
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  7. Dan619

    Dan619 New Member

    I hope so mate :)
  8. alfa1

    alfa1 New Member

    Thank you for the update @Sadik
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  9. Dan619

    Dan619 New Member

    Please keep us in the loop @Sadik as to when we can expect it! My site isn't working well without Pember!
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  10. ScarletCox

    ScarletCox Member PemBer Owner

    This is brilliant news, @Sadik! I hope the tests go smoothly :)
  11. rolo

    rolo New Member

    Any update??
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  12. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Short answer. It is in process. Some functionality (like taxes) yet incomplete. Working on it...
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  13. ScarletCox

    ScarletCox Member PemBer Owner

    TBH I'll take functional over fast any day of the week with this. It'd be a total disaster if we upgraded and lost data on the subscription status of even a small percentage of our members, so take your time <3
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  14. snoopy5

    snoopy5 New Member

  15. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    I replied to you on that thread.
  16. panghao

    panghao New Member PemBer Owner

    hi @Sadik,
    any update on Pember 2.0? Wish everything goes well.

  17. DavickPro

    DavickPro New Member

    Guys!!! Do you have any information about Update??
  18. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member PemBer Owner

    Hate to repeat myself, but am working on it...
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  19. panghao

    panghao New Member PemBer Owner

    any possible update release date ?
    this month or next month ?
  20. RSI

    RSI Member

    I'm still waiting for it too. Just updated my board to XF2 and I need the new version of PemBer as well.

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