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    I am happy to announce the release of PemBer 1.5.5

    PemBer 1.5.5 is small maintenance release and has exactly two Bug Fixes.

    Changes Made:


    Logged in members will now be redirected to the correct product Buy page, if they click on the Direct Buy link for example,

    Earlier, they were being redirected to the forum home page.


    There was a BUG with the Product Exclusively for Usergroup setting in that if you selected multiple usergroups, they were being AND-ed instead of OR-ed. So now if you go to edit a product -> Additional tab and multi-select usergroups for "Product Exclusively for Usergroup" setting, you can do so, the product will show up if a member belongs to any of the exclusive groups selected here.

    This setting,


    You can download PemBer 1.5.5 from the PemBer Releases forum.

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