PemBer 1.5.4 Released

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    I am happy to announce the release of PemBer 1.5.4

    PemBer 1.5.4 is a bug fix version which fixes a few bugs brought to my notice through support requests. All customers with current licenses running older versions of PemBer are recommended to update to the current version.

    Apart from Bug Fixes, there is one change in the way taxes work. Now you can specify the default country in your country list. The default country is auto-selected so people don't have to click on the country list drop down.

    You can download PemBer 1.5.3 from the PemBer Releases forum.


    The planned next release is PemBer 1.6.0 AND PemBer 2.0.

    PemBer 1.6 will be a new version for the xenForo 1.X series and PemBer 2.0 will be released for PemBer 2.0.

    Almost the entire code of PemBer is being rewritten for the above and there are exciting new features (coupons being one!). I hope to release the above soon after the release of XF 2.0.

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