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    There are many small and big new features and feature improvements with PemBer 1.4. Here, I am listing some of them.

    Easily define your Membership Products

    The product page has been completely revamped, allowing you to define products quickly without bothering with extra options you may not usually need.

    There is also now BBCode Editor support for the product description. The description you write here is what appears on the pricing tables. This is again with the intention of simplifying the creation of sales pages for you.


    Exclusive Membership Products

    A frequent demand from sites selling memberships is to offer a way to reward some group of their members with either cheaper membership or new features which are not available to other members.

    This is now very easily possible with PemBer, with just selecting one checkbox!

    PemBer 1.4 let's you define EXCLUSIVE Products.


    When you are defining products, you can click on the Additional Options tab and scroll down and select an exclusive usergroup.

    If you select a usergroup here, only members of that usergroup will be able to buy this new product and no one else!!!

    So say, you want to provide a cheaper monthly package to your long time old members for half the price but not for other members. You can do so now with the power of XenForo's usergroups and PemBer's Exclusive products!

    Say Hello to a Beautiful Registration Page

    You already know, how simple PemBer makes it to buy from you wit One-click to Paypal and One click card purchases. PemBer 1.4 further improves on this process by doing away with showing only the essentials for Registration.


    The user just has to fill the Name, email, password and he is done! Even the "I agree to terms" is pre-selected for you!

    Of course, the full power of the XenForo Registration page is still available to you if you so want. You can choose to unselect these options if you want to show the DoB and Gender fields


    And of course you can use XenForo's custom fields if you want to add more fields to the registration page.

    These are just a few for now, there are several more...

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