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    Let's face it, sales pages are hard! And mucking around with a hundred different settings can be even harder. That is why PemBer lets you create your Membership Sales page using the full power of the XenForo BBCode Editor right from inside the Admin Panel.

    Behold the new Sales Page feature


    You can use the Full power of the XenForo editor to format your page any way you want, embed pictures, videos and any content you desire. No more html mucking...

    And PemBer autocreates beautiful pricing tables for you. You can show ALL your non-hidden purchasable membership / products by simply putting {pricing_table} in the editor.

    If you however don't want to include all products and want to show selected products in selected places in the sales page, you can include product code to the pricing table tag, like this,

    {pricing_table | 18VLOQ | ARO-N6}

    Here 18VLOQ and ARO-N6 are my pember product codes which I put in the product definition page.

    Here's a sample sales page I put together in 3 minutes!


    Here's to making more money with Memberships!

    - Cheers!

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