PemBer 1.1.0 Stable Released

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    PemBer version 1.1.0 has been released and can now be downloaded by customers from the Releases forum.

    This releases introduces three new features:

    1. Allows you to specify a different initial price when defining a recurring product or installment product. So now for example you could create a product which is $99 for the first year and $40 / year subsequently.
    2. Allows you to disable products for certain usergroups. This was requested by those who purchased the first version. Now you can disable certain products for guests or even other usergroups. This also means that you can now release certain products only for certain usergroups.
    3. Another request was to have an option so that users after free registrations get redirected to the sales page. This is now possible with a one click admin option.
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