How to Retrieve the Paypal API username, password and signature

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    PemBer Paypal Options require you to provide the Paypal NVP API access details, that is the
    1. API Username
    2. API Password
    3. API Signature

    These details can be obtained from your Paypal Business or Premier Account. Here are the detailed steps.
    • Login to your Paypal Business or Premier Account
    • Click on Profile in the top Menu. PaypalProfile.png
    • Click on "My Selling Tools"
    • Click on Update to the Right of "API Access"
    • If you are doing this for the first time, you will have the option "Request API Credentials". If you have already done this it will be "View API Credentials"
    • Now you can either genrate (for first timers) or view your API Username, API Password or API Signature

    • These details have to be entered in the Paypal Options screen of PemBer in your Admin area.
    If you have any questions, or face any problems, please reply to this thread.
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    These steps are a bit outdated now for the new Paypal redo of their site design. It makes this process a bit more annoying.

    To get these same pages, you can force yourself into the older pages via:

    You should then see a page similar to the last image above.

    You can then use the Username/Password/Signature shown in the Pember Paypal account setup and you should be good to go.
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